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Can I use WordPress Help Desk with my existing blog subscribers?

Yes. From the Dashboard select all of your subscriber Users and then select “Customer” on the “Change role to” drop down menu. Click “Change”. Now all your subscriber users role will be changed to Customer. That will allow them access to WordPress Help Desk.

How much does WordPress Help Desk cost and how can I purchase it?

A single domain license is being offered for the introductory price of just $49. You can order it by clicking the Buy Now link on the navigation menu on the left side of this page. If you are interested in a multiple domain license, visit our contact us page.

Do you offer multiple domain licensing?

Yes. If you’re interested in multiple domain licensing, visit our contact us page.


Once it’s installed, how can I use the plugin on my blog/site? How can my customers log in to the help desk? How can my customers register to use the help desk? How can my customers retrieve their lost password?

You can use the following links to offer your customers access to your help desk (change our domain to yours):

Log in to help desk:

* Register to help desk:

Forgot password:

* Make sure to enable “anyone can register” in the “General Settings” section of your WordPress Dashboard.


Can I use WordPress Help Desk with my membership plugin?

We will update here all workarounds for various membership plugins.

If you’re using the WishListMembers plugin do the following:

1. Install the role manger plugin from -http://sourceforge.net/projects/role-manager/

2. Go to Dashboard >> Users >> Roles Menu.

3. For Subscriber role, assign following capabilities:
View Tickets – View Wphd Help – Reply To Self Tickets

All subscribers will be customers now.


After entering my license key I get the message “Activation key is wrong”

Make sure the domain you’ve installed WPHD on is exactly the same as the domain you submitted when you placed your order. If you ordered a license key for a domain with ‘www’, your license key will not work for the same domain without ‘www’.


Can I use WPHD locally?

WPHD is designed to be used on a live domain. If you need to test or design a site and want to limit access to authorized visitors only, we recommend using the free Members Only plugin. With the Members Only plugin you can work on your site on the server live and limit access at the same time.


I’m getting the error message “Plugin does not have a valid header”

This happens when you upload two levels of folders. One containing the folder that contains the folder that contains the actual plugin files.
In simpler words, you should only have one “wp-helpdesk” folder containing the actual files, uploaded to your plugins folder.

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